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Founded by Jean-Louis Aubert, former IT journalist, and Jean-Pascal Rozet, former Communications Director for a large IT group, Clipping traitd'union today is one of the leading independent press relations agencies in France. Our mission is as straightforward as it is complex to implement: We ensure for our clients a maximum of positive exposure and coverage in their key media in France and Europe.

That is why the services we provide are unique…
We provide Press Relations and nothing but Press Relations!

Today, 24 PR professionals work in our agency and we manage a portfolio of 45 active clients in various sectors, both B2B and B2C. We have a strong track record in the New Technology markets, whether they be hardware manufacturers, software publishers, telecom operators, services companies, or website operators. We also have prestigious clients in other business areas , among which,, Travelhorizon, Phytorestore, or Pergo.

Our proficiency is founded on respect for fundamentals. Firstly, optimised time spent to do operational tasks; e.g. for the creation and distribution of the right information at the right time, in the right format and to the right journalists. Secondly, we ensure that our customers receive comprehensive consultancy services, and we guarantee creativity, audacity, and tenacity – while keeping a  critical and analytical eye on your messages. Lastly, the enthusiasm and curiosity of our PR professionals to go out and seize all opportunities offered every day by the media for spreading the word.

Our clients work together with a team of two PR consultants, composed of a senior PR consultant and a junior PR officer. This operational set-up allows our PR specialists to express themselves and achieve maximum results in their exciting mission, and on the other side creates real proximity with our clients. Consequently, our clients all benefit from having their own contacts that are flexible, reactive and available.

Another of the agency's distinctive features is the active role its managing directors take in their clients' media relations. Thanks to their broad experience in editorial and consultancy work acquired with French and international public relations companies and agencies, Jean-Louis Aubert and Jean-Pascal Rozet offer a unique, original method for learning and training in the matter of reaching out to the media. Furthermore, all press releases drafted by the agency are submitted for their review to ensure the best possible perspective on the information.

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